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Monk Kittens - Nyuangshwe, Burma


Street Kitten - Bangkok, Thailand

Frankie and some yarn

Our Frankie

(Source: stefanleijon)

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Ups and downs at the Golden globe red carpet 2012

ZooeyUps, an no particular order

Zooey Deschanel, absolutely fabulous!

Kate Winslet, classy, timeless, and that wonderfully defiant look in her eyes….

Julianna Margulies
Love the color clash between dress and earrings.

Kelly McDonald all those lovely little blue and green sequins…

George R R Martin, who had the good taste to put on a really gorgeous waistcoat

The mermaidness of Evan Rachel Woods!

Kate Beckinsale, absolutely ravishing in 

Guy Pearce, forgot the tie at home. Don’t go back for it!

The yellowness and moldedness of Maria Menounos!


I really like the colour of Natalie Portmans dress, but she tends to look like she would rather be somewhere else, which sort of spoils the look.  

Downs, also in no particular order

Tilda Swinton usually goes her own way, but I’m not particularly impressed by this one

Jodie Foster, can’t shake the feeling of a shower curtain

Sofie Vergara What is that? has she been sown into a vacuum cleaner?  

Viggo Mortensen did not forget his tie. Would have been better if he had.

Meryl Streeps over-grown cowboy shirt. No.